Indianapolis International Airport: ERMCO/Sachs JV

Indianapolis, IN
Owner: Indianapolis Airport Authority
Scope: Electrical & Telecommunications
Completion: 2008
Value: $75,500,000+ (ERMCO & Sachs combined, multiple projects)

ERMCO, Inc. partnered with Sachs Electric on several projects for the new Indianapolis International Airport. This massive project included a new air traffic control tower, new parking garage, as well as the new Midfield Terminal.

The glass-enclosed terminal includes 96 ticketing positions, a Civic Plaza, and an advanced baggage handling and security system. There is over 500,000 square feet of leased and retail space. The new terminal's 1.2 million square feet is nearly double the size of the old airport and the parking garage is one of the largest of its kind providing 7100 spaces.

Work completed by ERMCO/Sachs Joint Venture includes Midfield Terminal, Airport Garage, and Security, Fire Alarm, HVAC and Paging Systems, as well as the Baggage Handling System. ERMCO also completed work in the new Tower.

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